ERSA Symposium 2022

We have been forced to change the venue for the Symposium.
Due to too many people saying they are having problems with connections to Greece and getting to the hotel by train and bus, they have all agreed it is better to do it in Germany. We also needed 40 single and double rooms booked by August 1 which we did not have. We already have more people interested this week in Germany than we had for Greece.
The dates remain the same. Cocktails Friday, October 7, October 8-9 presentations, lessons and workshops, and testing on Monday morning, the 10th.

We will be doing the Symposium in Rochusclub in their meeting room. This is rated one of the top clubs in Germany and one of the nicest in the World. The room size is large enough for 80 people. There are no trade fairs in Dusseldorf on the weekend so travel and hotels are very cheap. We have 4 hotels close to the club which I will send out in a mailing.

Hope most of you will make it there. Please support the Symposium and you are welcome to make a presentation in any area of expertise you feel would be of interest to our members.

Here you can find more details about the Symposium.