Join the ERSA

The European Racquet Stringers Association (ERSA International) offers several membership possibilities. The memberships are divided into FULL Memberships and ELECTRONIC Memberships. FULL Memberships receive a printed Pro Stringers Guide annually and 6 printed issues of ERSA Pro Stringer Magazine and 10 electronic issues of the magazine.


ELECTRONIC Memberships receive 10 electronic issues of ERSA Pro Stringer Magazine and access into the Members Area of the ERSA website. Electronic members also receive a discount to the annual Symposium. Electronic Memberships are available for 1 year.


FULL Members receive the largest discount to the Symposium, ERSA Website access, free samples of products and discounts from several manufacturers. FULL memberships are available for 1, 2 or 3 years.

Here are the available memberships:

ERSA 1 Year electronic Membership incl. Racketpedia/Stringingpedia

69,- €

ERSA 1 Year Membership incl. Racketpedia/Stringingpedia

119,- €

ERSA 2 Year Membership incl. Racketpedia/Stringingpedia

199,- €

ERSA 3 Year Membership incl. Racketpedia/Stringingpedia

270,- €