We offer different workshops depending on what you’d like to learn. We believe that we cover most aspects of stringing and customisation of racquets.


If you would like to attend a workshop, check out the ERSA country websites or contact Mark Maslowski.


Country Sites from ERSA:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Brasil, Ukraine


List of our upcoming and old workshops

Tennis2023-03-11 - 2023-03-12Germany, 93055 RegensburgStefan
Tennis2023-03-11 - 2023-03-12Germany, 40629 DüsseldorfMark
Badminton2023-03-11 - 2023-03-12Germany, 76689 Karlsdorf-NeuthardAlexander
Tennis advanced2023-03-18 - 2023-03-19Germany, 40629 DüsseldorfMark
Tennis Pro Tour Bootcamp2023-03-25 - 2023-03-26Germany, 40629 DüsseldorfMark

Old dates

Tennis2023-02-04 - 2023-02-05Germany, 93055 RegensburgStefan
Tennis2022-11-26 - 2022-11-27Germany, 93055 RegensburgStefan
Tennis intensive course2022-11-12 - 2022-11-13Germany, 93055 RegensburgStefan
Symposium2022-10-07 - 2022-10-10Germany, 40629 DüsseldorfMark
Tennis2022-09-24 - 2022-09-25Germany, 93055 RegensburgStefan
Tennis2022-08-06 - 2022-08-07Germany, 93055 RegensburgStefan




We are also offer online courses. All e-courses include 1 year e-Membership! e-Certified Stringer and e-Master Stringer include the certification tests.

ERSA e-Certified Stringer

220,- €

ERSA e-Master Stringer

220,- €

ERSA e-Customization Course

170,- €