Thierry Goor is a manager
Responsible countries: United Kingdom, South Africa, Global
Responsible sports: Tennis

Business Name:
Pro Stringers

Guildford Surrey - England


Tel.: +44 7708 425 741

Tennis: Pro Tour Stringer Level 1
Badminton: no
Squash: no

About themselves:

I am passionate about providing the best string job to all our customers, whether a social club player or a seasoned pro. I love being part of the tennis stringing industry.

After 35 years in corporate (Airline IT) business, I am now a full time stringer, my focus is;

1. Tournament stringing
2. Stringer Education as part of the ERSA International Team
3. Running Pro Stringers® (Racquet Stringing & Customisation)

Strung at the following tournaments:
  • Been part of the Wimbledon stringing team since 2021
  • Strung AO 2024
  • Strung multiple WTA events (1000, 500 & lower)
  • Strung multiple ATP events (500 & lower)
  • Strung at multiple UK based events, GB Pro Series, ITF and Junior Europe events